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Touching Permitted
Workshop de Edição de Fotolivros por RIOT BOOKS

The photobook today, besides communicating, giving the artists visibility and perpetuation for their work, it can also be a piece of art on its own. We live in a digital era where communicating and generating images is easier than ever. But the ephemeral condition in digital information creates inevitably the necessity to feel the image beyond the virtual and visual and root back to the essentials: touch, smell, shape, form, weight and sound.
This workshop's aim is not to theorize about the meaning of photobooks, but to create a way towards the object and develop, relying on the personal character of every artist, a first sketch as a representative extension of their work.
We will work in the connection between the artists and their own work and the participants will get tools to translate a project into a book form, communicate it and distribute it without intermediary or big budget.
We will focus on the artist's intention, the conceptualization of their work and how to defend it. The importance of the process, the materials and the object conception.
Dialogue, debate and dynamic exchange between the participants will be encouraged.

Riot Books

Riot Books (2013, Spain/Azerbaiján) is an independent publishing house of hand-made limited artist books with high social content. The collaboration with the artists is a very important part of the process for the editors. With little mediums, lots of work and learning through experience, they have won reputation inside the international photographic circuit, participating actively in the main photographic fairs and festivals. Until now Riot Books has published 10 titles, 6 of them are sold out.
Verónica Fieiras (Argentina/Spain) is a photographer and teacher. In november 2013 creates RIOT BOOKS with Ilkin Huseynov. Under this label she has published her first book "The Disappeared", nominated as Best Photobook of the Year in Kassel 2014, and exhibited in many venues and festivals around the globe.

Ilkin Huseynov (Azerbaijan) is a photographer based in Madrid. He has been working in a 5 years project based on memories of his own country affected after the URSS collapse. In November 2013 he founded RIOT BOOKS with Veronica Fieiras. Under this label, he published his first book: Mühit.


Practical Informations

Minimum participants: 6
Maximum participants: 10
Workshop language: English
Price: 150€
Contact for registration: lab@xyzbooks.pt
Deadline: 15th of September (Extended deadline)
Workshop: 10/11/12 October, 2015 (Saturday and Sunday full day / Monday from 15:00 to 19:30)
Duration: 18 hours


Visual artists or photographers with a final photographic project or a first book dummy.

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