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'The Rising Card' Workshop by Walter Costa

Editing exercises between hybridism and chance

Editing a photographic project is crucial, but difficult. Many decisions, no recipes. When you get stuck or when you’re just looking for inspiration, The Rising Card arouses your creativity with a virtual deck of tips, exercises and reflections on visual narratives with a special focus on the process of photobook making.


The Rising Card was born to help authors, editors and teachers approaching the biggest challenge of nowadays photography: as images are relentlessly invading our world, the decisions you take while combining pictures to create a narrative are more and more important. In a playful format inspired by Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, The Rising Card brings to the photographic universe the same stimulation on lateral thinking and trust in chance. Spanning from film and music to comics and poetry, the contents of this editing tarot are constantly enriched by the contributions of renowned “guest players” worldwide. 

The Workshop

Dynamics - Keeping the playful and practical format of the deck, the workshop is an immersion in photo storytelling guided by three keywords which are fundamental in the editing process and the creation of a narrative in the photobook;


Experimentation - By playing with group exercises, many narrative tricks will be tested. Those tricks are useful both to tell stories by images and to decode those visual messages which constantly bomb our daily life. Some of these exercises will become zines, small and fast publications to test the relationships between images and pages.


Hybridisms - We touch while we are watching, we listen while we are reading, we comb through our memory looking for codes and hints that help us understand what we have on our hands. Doing that, we remember narrative schemes we have already seen in cinema, literature, poetry, music and even maths.


Disaffection - It’s hard to consider images for what they really are. The difficulties to shoot that picture, the caress for the portrayed people etc are all conditionings which often raise a kind of affection to pictures that don’t actually serve. Working in groups on images that don’t come from our personal projects it helps to break those barriers and win the biggest challenge of the editing process.


The last part of the workshop will be entirely dedicated to discuss photobook projects from participants by using The Rising Card deck in order to experiment new possible editings and to look at the images from different perspectives. 

Walter Costa

Walter Costa (Italy) is an independent editor based in São Paulo. He collaborated with several Brazilian and international authors in the development of their photobook projects. In 2014 he founded TRAMA, a photobook discussion group which organizes talks and workshops across Latin America. Between 2014 and 2015 he researched Brazilian photography books for the exhibition Fotos Contam Fatos in Galeria Vermelho, curated by Denise Gadelha, where more than 150 titles were displayed. Starting from his research on photobooks, visual narratives hybridism and storytelling strategies he created The Rising Card project, a deck of cards with tips and exercises to help authors in sequencing their projects. He directs the Lombada-Photobookmaking Lab in São Paulo and he regularly gives classes and lectures in various institutions and events across Latin America and Europe.

Practical Informations

Minimum participants: 6

Maximum participants: 20

Workshop language: Portuguese / English (Depends on participants)

Price and Deadlines:

110€ - Early Bird (Until 15h of March)

130€ - Until the 31st of March

Contact for registration: lab@artbooks.xyz 

Dates: 1st and 2nd of April, 2017

Timetable: 10 am – 1 pm / 2.30 pm – 7 pm

Duration: 15 hours

Target audience

Visual artists, Photographers, Designers or anyone with special interest in playing with the narrative potential of images.


  • Mobile phone with camera