13/06 -> 22/06
Residency 'Exchange of the Light'

The London Alternative Photography Collective would like to invite 2 artists living in Portugal to join 6 of its members for a 10 days residency at XYZ Books. The residency will take place from the 13th-22nd June and will be located in Lisbon, Portugal. The artists will be expected to travel to the Lisbon for the duration of the residency. Dealine for applications is the 5th of April, and the registration is free.


Over the period of the residency, the group of 8 participants will develop approaches to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly photographic practice, specifically focusing on traditional and alternative forms of photographic printmaking.


Creating art with an environmental message isn’t new. Many artists have been tackling and exposing ecological issues for years, but what often falls by the way side is the impact of the creation and realization of the work itself. Within traditional photographic processes there are a few key aspects we would like to address. These includes chemicals, resin coated paper and water.



Photographic chemicals can be harmful to the environment in several forms; the main issue is the disposal of used fixer - containing particles of silver. In some cases the chemicals will be sent for silver reclamation, however, in many DIY darkrooms, the chemicals are rarely treated and are disposed of directly into the sewers; polluting the waterways.



Resin coated papers account for the bulk of photo papers in use today. They contain a resin (plastic) coating  - these resins are all chemicals of petro chemical origin. Their use therefore encourages the use of petroleum products. Secondly, because of their intimate mix of plastic and paper in these products, they usually cannot be recycled adding further to the waste system.



Developing films and washing prints usually calls for a constant source of running water. A day of printing therefore requires the tap to be on all day. The water cannot be reused anywhere else in the darkroom process, as it is seen as contaminated. This results in litres and litres of water being used for a handful of prints.


We would like to hear from photographic based artists living in Portugal that are interested in exploring solutions for the environmental impact of traditional photographic practices. Participants will also be expected to present and share elements of their individual inquiry process and help with the realization of a public program of events to run over the duration of the residency.

The London Alternative Photography Collective

The London Alternative Photography Collective has grown from a small group of excited experimental darkroom dwellers discussing artworks in 2013, to a collective which produces symposiums, exhibitions and workshops that are organized and supported by many artists and curators. The LAPC is an open collective, which anyone can join and has always been about promoting the accessibility and creative possibilities of analogue and experimental photography. They support practitioners who challenge traditional ways of using photography to reflect on contemporary issues and aim to provide a platform for skill exchange. The premise of the open collective therefore allows a wide range of artists, photographers, makers, curators and theorists to guide the activities of the LAPC, enabling practitioners to swap ideas, skills and foster collaborations.

Practical Informations

Participants: 2

Residency language: English

Free Applications

Deadlines: Applications accepted until the 5th of April 2019

Contact for registration: lab@artbooks.xyz 

Dates: June 13th – 22nd 2019

Duration: 10 Days

Target Audience

The residency is open to all practitioners who challenge traditional ways of using photography including the use of antiquated and forgotten processes.


To apply for this opportunity, please submit the following:

  • • A short statement explaining why you want to work with LAPC

    • A portfolio of work (can be a link to website or PDF document)

    • CV (can be a link to website or PDF document)


The application is free of charge, but artists will be responsible for sourcing their own accommodation for the duration of the residency.