Pop-up Exhibitions Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou

On December 14th, from 7:00 p.m., do not miss the work presentations by Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou, along with a Pop-up exhibition exclusive to this day with Vanessa Winship's 'She Dances on Jackson' accompanied by reproductions of her ‘Journal Pages’ during the production of this project in the United States; and George Georgiou's 'Last Stop', with the presentation of the corresponding Leporello book in its entire dimension.



She dances on Jackson

Vanessa Winship
Vanessa Winship
Journal Pages
Journal Pages

“In 2011 I received a grant from the Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation to create a body of work in the United States of America. The work eventually became and exhibition and book called ‘She dances on Jackson’, published by Mack Books.

During the course of being away making the work I wrote to several people, family and friends, about the trial and tribulations of such an undertaking. My ‘letters’, that became known as the journal pages, go someway to express something of that time.

These journals in their entirety only ever appeared in the temporary space of an exhibition. A small number of them were published in my recent book, ‘And Time Folds’." (Vanessa Winship)




Last Stop

George Georgiou
George Georgiou

"Last Stop was shot through the windows of London’s double decker buses.

The bus allows me to frame the city, to give it sense. The lower level is very close to the street, the upper deck allows me the distance to capture the layers of the urban landscape. Between these two positions everything shifts, along with the movement of the bus.

I was fascinated by how people use public space in a big city, by that sense of shared visibility and invisibility. In sitting behind the window, I also became invisible.

As we move through the city we constantly catch small encounters, like mini soap opera’s, stories we are not part of but where we fill in the gaps, create our own sense, our own narratives, as we continue to move from A to B.

The essence of the project is that you might take the same route everyday but what you see, the ebb and flow on the street takes on a random nature. To capture this flow, the concertina format reflects and mimics the feel of a bus journey, but more importantly it gives the viewer the opportunity to create their own journeys by spreading the book out and combining different images together. This moves the book away from an author-led linear narrative to one of multiple possibilities." (George Georgiou)

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Vanessa Winship + George Georgiou 

A Ilha

Work Presentation + Pop-up Exhibition

December 14th | 7 - 10 pm

Rua da Ilha do Príncipe 3a, porta E


A Ilha




Vanessa Winship

Received a BA honours in Film, Video and Photography from the Polytechnic of Central London, UK. She has lived and worked in the region of the Balkans, Turkey and the Black Sea as well as the UK and the United States of America.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently at the Barbican Art Gallery in London, UK. In 2011 she was the recipient of the Prix Henri Cartier-Bresson award, which she used to create the work she dances on Jackson. She is the author of five monographs, And Time Folds, (MACK) Vanessa Winship (MAPFRE) she Dances on Jackson (MACK), Sweet Nothings (Foto8/Images En Manœuvres, and Schwarzes Meer (MARE).





George Georgiou

Received a BA honours in photography, film and video arts from the Polytechnic of Central London (University of Westminster) in 1987. 

In 1999 he joined Panos Pictures in London and began to work on long-term projects.  He has photographed extensively in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey, living and working in Serbia, Greece and Turkey from 1999 to 2009. 

Work from this period resulted in the acclaimed book Fault Line/Turkey/East/West 2010.

“Fault Lines” has been exhibited many times internationally and was included in the prestigious “New Photography 2011" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

His book “Last Stop” photographed across London was self-published in 2015. 

His work appears in the collection of several public and private institutions , including the MoMA and the Elton John collection.