27/11 -> 13/12
Exhibition 'Duas Águas'

Exhibition 'Duas Águas'

"Over the past two years we have all been between two waters* more than we would have hoped for. It was a common place imposed on all of us — two waters and even four walls, sometimes.
The course that culminates in this show was, for all parts involved, a place of communion and of liberation from the tethers of circumstance —  that which is imposed upon us, or simply the one we carry around as everyday ballast — we went on long journeys and contemplated distant horizons, sometimes without moving a finger. The work of each and everyone dwelled, inevitably, on the territories we tend to call home, inside and outside of four walls, sometimes literally but nearly always recurring to metaphor — that liberating cliché of photography! The bipolar nature of this course, being led by two tutors, alternating every week, has led this torrent of waters continuously through two diverging planes that congregate in the same place — where each work developed.
Presenting between two waters*, five planes inside four walls: Beatriz Banha, Francisco Canton, João Miguel Feijão, Diogo Ferreira de Almeida e Jaime Vogado."


Duas Águas exhibits a set of works developed at the Atelier de Lisboa during the Project Course supervised by António Júlio Duarte and Pedro Alfacinha.

Opening on the 27th of November 2021, from 7pm at a ilha.




*in Portuguese and in Spanish, “two waters” (duas águas) is the term used in architecture to refer to a pitched roof that consists of two diverging planes. It is also known to have other, more metaphorical, interpretations.

Works by:
Beatriz Banha
Diogo Almeida
Francisco Canton
Jaime Vogado
João Feijão


Monday to Friday: 10:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday: noon - 5pm


a ilha
Rua Ilha do Príncipe 3A porta E, 1170-182 Lisboa



Atelier de Lisboa



a ilha