28/11 -> 22/01
Exhibition and book launch by Carlos Azeredo Mesquita

We invite you for the Finissage of the solo exhibition "Detailed close-ups of far-off scenes" by young portuguese artist Carlos Azeredo Mesquita, on the 22nd of January, from 7 pm.


This event will occur simultaneously with the book launch of "Zona" by Nuno Moreira and "Atlantis" by Pedro Ramos.

Detailed close-ups of far-off scenes

" 'Detailed close-ups of far-off scenes' is an ongoing project in which I investigate and confront constructed realities, myths and believes, the blur between truth and fiction and faith, and what appears to be an evidence of a truth.


The work consist in documenting what I consider arquetypal situations of forgeries, hoaxes or simple fabrications of lies and truths with the sole intention of deceiving, as well as cases in which the only thing at stake is perception and belief. The documentation of each situation consists of images and/or objects that are accompanied by a text that describes the facts being documented, since it’s hardly possible for an image alone to tell the story behind it.


The situations I choose to document jump from particular to particular, in a sort of disorienting entropy in which you can’t completely find or understand any discernible formula in how information is organized and distributed. The 'entries' cover topics as distinct as politics, science, art, history, architecture, religion or food." (Carlos Azeredo Mesquita)

Carlos Azeredo Mesquita

Born in Porto (Portugal) in 1988, Carlos Azeredo Mesquita has a particular interest for the issues of the perception of truth, fiction, staging and context, and their relation to the legitimating power of photography.


Holds a degree in Communication Design by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, Portugal, and was a grant holder at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary, where he studied photography. 


His work is being exhibited and awarded internationally. In 2010 won the BES Revelation award (Portugal), and recent exhibitions include PhotoIreland, Dublin; Vitrine Gallery, Weimar; Untitled@Marwen, Chicago; Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto; and artist in residency at the Architecture Triennial Lisbon ‘13, and gallery Panal 361 in Buenos Aires.


website: www.carlosazeredomesquita.com