Book Launch
"Entartete" by Rita Lino

A Ilha and XYZ Books Lisbon are happy to announce that Portuguese born photographer Rita Lino will be launching her latest book “Entartete” (Éditions du LIC) at our bookshop tomorrow, Sep 17th. At the same time we'll be showcasing a small pop-up exhibition featuring some of her work.


Entartete (German for Degenerate) is the result of more than 10 years of auto-portraiture by the emerging Portuguese photographer Rita Lino. A large series of experimental photographs of psychological or emotional moments taken primarily for the purpose of introspection and self-analysis presented in a limited edition quarter-bound hardback.


Nudity and nakedness as confessional, as an admission of vulnerability, not for the sake of titillation; Lino explores the possibilities of her body with an uninhibited sexuality and a playful, stylized shamelessness.


Despite their raw unselfconsciousness, Lino's images are more than mere snapshots; touching simultaneously on voyeurism, loneliness, the manipulative power of the camera, and the urge to connect with others, through, within, and apart from technology and media. Repeatedly concealing their message, necessarily strange and ambiguous, Lino's images construct a self that is mutable and elusive. Whether concealed or conspicuous, ultimately Lino asserts that no degree of exposure fully reveals her.


Rita Lino

Born in Portugal, 1986. Rita Lino began tracing her own path in Photography by exploring freely and without any kind of pre-conception the construction of the still image. Focusing mainly on her personal work, the photographer as been developing and materializing it under series of photos, visual exercises that explore anatural obsessionwith the self and the persona, a continuouswork-in-progressthat uses the body as primer matter to be re-created and beautifully exorcised. Lino's describes her Photography as animal, instinctive, intimate, narcissistic, filled with emotions and sensations, a diary with a thousand possible interpretations, a spiritual place, a self sustained rehab outlined by the brutal transparency of her own life. She has been developing her own personal series and projects and also collaborating with several international initiatives, artist residences, exhibitions among others, as so editorial initiatives by contributing with her personal series or by creating exclusive photo series for international magazines.


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website: ritalino.com


Practical informations

Date: 17th of September (from 7 pm)