15/06 -> 16/06
Alternative Photography Workshops
"Exchange of the Light"

London Alternative Photography Collective, who will be on artistic residency in our space, invite you all to participate in their workshop series on Alternative Photographic Processes on the 15th and 16th of June.
The workshops will explore several tecnhiques including CYANOTYPES, CHEMIGRAMS, ANTHOTYPES & NATURAL DYE MAKING and CAFFENOL DEVELOPING.
Registrations may be made individually or as a full set with discount.


Invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel, the Cyanotype is one of the earliest forms of photography and utilises irons salts to create the distinct blue colour it is known for.

During this workshop, you will learn about mixing the chemicals, coating techniques and exposure times across a choice of papers. From this, a range of visual outcomes and tones will be achived from your final prints. The final prints are washed to fix, resulting in an archival piece of work to take home.


A Chemigram is a cameraless photographic printing process invented by artist Pierre Cordier that uses any old, out of date or fogged photographic paper along with photographic chemicals and common house hold chemicals and substances. The process forces a chemical reaction between photographic paper and chemistry, resulting in unusual patterns and forms building up across the paper. 

During this workshop you will be working in the light with undeveloped silver gelatin paper and a range of substances and solutions. You will be guided through differant techniques, and gain an understanding of how these can be applied to the surface of the paper to produce patterns and from images. 

Anthotypes & Natural Dye Making

An Anthotype is a cameraless photographic printing process that uses photosensitive pigments made from plants. Join and learn about which plants can produce different coloured pigments and their exposure times.

During the workshop, light sensitive plant materials, will be collected, ground down to make a pigment and applied to paper or another dye absorbing material and left to dry in a darkened area. We  will  also have a chance to add natural modifiers to create a range of tones and colours from each plant material. Once dry, the material is layered with objects or large format negatives and exposed to the sun.


Learn to develop black and white film with caffenol, a developer made up of instant coffee, soda crystals, salt and vitamin c powder. Caffenol is a cleaner, more sustainable, alternative to ready-made developers, with ingredients that could be found at home in your kitchen cupboard. Please shoot a roll of black and white film ahead of the workshop.

The London Alternative Photography Collective

The London Alternative Photography Collective has grown from a small group of excited experimental darkroom dwellers discussing artworks in 2013, to a collective which produces symposiums, exhibitions and workshops that are organized and supported by many artists and curators. The LAPC is an open collective, which anyone can join and has always been about promoting the accessibility and creative possibilities of analogue and experimental photography. They support practitioners who challenge traditional ways of using photography to reflect on contemporary issues and aim to provide a platform for skill exchange. The premise of the open collective therefore allows a wide range of artists, photographers, makers, curators and theorists to guide the activities of the LAPC, enabling practitioners to swap ideas, skills and foster collaborations.

Practical Informations

Minimum participants: 4

Maximum participants: 12

Workshop language: English


35€ - Each Module 

120€ - Full Pack

Deadline for registrations: 10th of June

Contact for registration: lab@artbooks.xyz 




15th of June 2019 (Saturday)

10:30 am – 2 pm



15th of June 2019 (Saturday)

3 pm – 6:30 pm



16th of June 2019 (Sunday)

11 am – 2:30 pm



16th of June 2019 (Sunday)

3:30 - 6:30 pm