Apart from events, you can expect to find our members doing their stuff from


Monday to Friday between 10:30 and 19:30




If you want to visit, and want to be sure the above is really true, please let us know when you are coming. A few hours in advance will suffice. The reason is that there is this remote possibility that we all went surfing or shooting a photo project at the same time. Anyways, if you are just around the corner do like in the old times and ring the bell.


If you just want to be sure, perhaps because you are coming on purpose to check XYZ Books’ latest titles or order prints or scans at the LAB, please just send a message via email or text and we’ll make sure someone will be here at the time of your convenience.


if you need to text:


Pedro Guimarães

+351 916 438 000


Romain Preston

+351 963 513 696


Tiago Casanova

+351 912 477 744



If you prefer to call:


ILHA's landline:

+351 218 269 270

if you prefer to email:


general inquiries:



bookshop and lab: